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The democratic right to free choice is being trampled on at every level. See also our sister site

We are denied the right to governments which remain independent and  free of incestuous relationships with big business.

Victoria is now a registered company and is in financial partnerships with questionable and irrelevant businesses which are not made accountable to taxpayers.  eg In 2002 when complaints were being made to the government that there is corruption and collusion in the DNA testing industry, Labor entered into a Joint business venture with the lab  claimed to be corrupt, Ref: "fatprophets" Free Fat Report dated 2.2.02 "New Joint Venture Formed by GTG & Victoria State Government".  In 2007 the same lab Genetic Technologies (formerly Simons GeneType) was raided by the AFP  when it was claimed they were implicated in share trading fraud - so what's a little DNA testing fraud? (Ref: Age 3/7/07 by Rebecca Urban "Police seize excutive's computers...." .  And - guess what!! Genetic Technologies are also GM Food researchers - scarcely gives the public confidence does it as to impartial, democratic debate much less the independence, findings and recommendations of "experts" - puppets of a corrupt system.

Lack of accountability of Experts in Court, especially scientists who mislead the justice system contributes significantly to suffering and injustice but also to huge unwarranted costs to taxpayers.    Science -especially DNA evidence seems to have wiped out the ability of lawyers, judges, the public and the politicians to reason and think.  See tab "Cases"

There is no deterrent to fraudsters and other commercial criminals because the huge cost of legal challenges in an out of date out of touch and out of ideas court system precludes many from pursuing justice.   
Mounting injustice and the significant indifference of successive governments  is illustrated by many articles in the media about our failing legal system.  These cruel, unnecessary systemic stuffups cost you the taxpayer as  well as generations to come.  It must be fixed.
Many ethical lawyers contribute their skills on a pro bono basis, often over long periods of time.  The problems are not only the result of being unrepresented as is so often claimed, but rather, in the cruel, indifferent handling by the courts of affidavits and evidence provided by unrepr>
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